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    Forget my 2nd to last post, I still want to do this cycle and I know I will get good results but I should be eating way more.

    Eating natural and eating on a cycle are completely different I get you guys now, test increases everything (metabolism etc).

    2600 is too low, I think I will start with 3300 so 1000 more than now for a few weeks and bump it up each time by 200 if the scale stops moving

    Weeks 1-12 test 200mg Mon/Thurs (400 total)
    Weeks 4-12 anavar
    AI, start with .25 on pin days

    Pct 2 weeks after last pin
    Clomid and nolva for 4 weeks

    When should I introduce hcg, from week 1 or before pct? Is it necessary for 400mg Test?
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    I am 5 foot 9 and 190 now just about to start my winter cycle... Lol I will eat at least 1500 calories for breakfast.
    Seriously at your age if you train hard really dont need to worry about fat. So you want lean muscle but a food deficit meaning your muscles will always be starving defeating the pourpose of killing it in the gym.

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    youve already done some steroids so waiting around for that perfect moment

    (like all the juiced up gorilla monsters are suggesting)

    ship has sailed.

    the proposal in post 37 looks good

    theres a lot to live up to on that cycle dont underestimate the potential

    focus on getting that diet right for a few weeks first to get prepped

    then go for it

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    Man please do some basic research, not into AAS, into diet. 3500 cals is the excess cals needed to gain a pound of weight. WEIGHT. -3500 cals to lose a pound. So, if you or I, or Zeigler or POB or Snake or take your pick out of the 7.53 billion people on the planet (as of 2017) have a surplus of 3500 cals we will gain a pound. Doesn't fkn matter who, doesn't matter on a cycle or not. It's human physiology and biochemistry.

    I'm sensing that you want to put on this muscle and stay at a super lean BF and that's your issue. Brother, forget about it. If you are that afraid to put on a little bodyfat, stick to the treadmill and salad. It is far more difficult to gain muscle than lose fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat827 View Post
    do not start the cycle til you are at 3800 cals ED. Your just wasting gear otherwise
    I agree with gymrat. Spend a month or two getting your diet dialed in 100% at the set bulk cals. Make sure you have it dialed in and can stick to it for the whole cycle. It will be a night and day difference in how your cycle goes (as in what gains you make).
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    I promise you will look back on this and realize how easy these gains were if you do it with the right diet without any AAS. Id kill to be able to put on size from that platform. Lots of us have to shovel down 4000-5000 cals a day just to maintain. But Im sure you will go the gear route anyway.....

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