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    Question Cycle schedule opinions

    Discussing first month only. Will change second month onwards. AI amount and schedule extremely important! Rather have low E than B.T.

    I am targeting 650mg to 700mg actual test per week. Test E 180mg/ml, Sest 179mg/ml and Test undec 25.3/cap.

    Test E 250mg, Sestonil 250mg (generic sust) and throwing in Test Undec for 1 (first) month. Writing actual test and not with oil. I was targeting once a week injections but is not possible.

    First day: 180mg Test E, 180mg Sest. Repeat every week.

    3rd or 4th day: One more sest.

    Everyday: 7 to 8 Test Undec caps 40mg. 4 to 5 caps when I wake up and 3 to 4 half a day later.

    No clue how much AI I have to consume (no clue because I am doing no blood work, maybe I will, not sure). Currently have adex left over from previous cycle. Aromasin when it is finished because you guys like it very much.
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    You got this thing way over thought and you're talking about mixing it up after 4 weeks? Caps as in orals? Does anyone do that anymore with all the research out there about it?

    Get your hands on some of that Test E, pin it 2-3x/wk for a total of 650-700 mg/wk for 14-16 weeks and call it a day.
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    Andriol caps are a poor choice IMO. Iíve used them twice in the past and didnít get much out of them and they were extremely expensive. I like all injectables now and with the plethora of different esters and combination products available. But ultimately, itís up to you. Good luck with your training.

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