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    Quote Originally Posted by Beezy View Post
    ...don’t even lift?
    What would be the point?
    I just mean that with all the stupid fukking memes and whatnot, everyone is jumping on the tren train... And they don't have a clue about proper diet or training... The logic is: if I see a meme about it, then I can be jacked and happy too, and all I have to do is inject something... But they don't have a fricken clue and don't even lift. And that is just their first cycle.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    You could be right about the drugs. But unless you see someone injecting themselves then you don’t really know what they take.

    Bodybuilding has become more mainstream which means far more people in the pool of contenders which means more crazy genetic outliers.

    In in general I think drug use has gone up. Especially with slin and GH. But there range of drug use on the pro stage would most likely shock you: both the extreme quantities some guys take and how little other guys need to look the exact same way.

    Unless you see them pin or swallow their drugs you can never really know what anyone takes.
    It's become less mainstream if anything. Mr Olympia and Powerlifting competitions used to be on TV back in the late 70s/early 80s.

    Ask the average person and they know Arnold...

    As far as the other stuff...

    The main difference between the 70s and now is GH/Slin. I'd bet dollars to donuts that if Arnold was in his prime now, he'd take whatever he needed to in order to win. And he'd win with those genetics and his work ethic. And he'd have synthol in his calves and everything else...

    Most of the pros BBers you see doing "lightweight" high rep stuff built their bases with heavy compound movements when they were starting out. Nobody has ever gotten huge doing cable crossovers and tricep kickbacks.

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