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    Quote Originally Posted by pending View Post
    If lack of muscle is a problem would it be wise to try testosterone or DHT, like low dose?
    I advise what I advised. You need to learn how to diet properly and lift properly/effectively. I DO NOT advise you to try AAS... It would be a really bad idea. You have no clue as to what you are doing or the implications.
    "We are the white knights of the darker side of athletics." -HollyWoodCole

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    Yeah bro, not hating but you need less fat and more chest. You need to get some hardness.
    Chances are if you busting a nut, you're having a good time!

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    ive seen worse buddy .go to doctor and see what advice he gives you.
    i think you are adding petrol to a fire if you go down the ASS route in your case

    they say you are what you eat..........WELL I cant remember when I ate a fooken LEGEND!

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