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    What approach do you recommend for taking raw AI powders?

    For raw powders of arimidex, letrozole and raloxifene, which method do you recommend for preparing it?

    For example if I have 500mg of letrozole and I want to take 2.5mg each dose, that's 200 doses. But it's very difficult to measure out 2.5mg for each dose, so I need to use geometric dilution or converting it to a liquid. Which method do you prefer?

    For liquid conversion, would these steps work? Put 500mg of letrozole into 200ml of gin, then every time I want to take a 2.5mg dose I just draw 1ml of the solution into a syringe and drink it. Would the letrozole dissolve cleanly into the gin or do I need to do something else to it? Can I store it in the freezer, would this allow it to last for a very long time?

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    Order a micro scoop like the ones you get with raw sarms.......
    All kinds of research supplies easy to be had.....
    Life through chemistry were we an expierement

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