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Thread: Gaining weight

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    I eat pretty much the same whether gaining or cutting fat. Just more or less. Get your mind around new serving sizes. A bowl of cereal is not a serving. A box is. One whole pizza, not one slice. You're not gonna get big on chicken breast and broccoli. Double cheeseburgers, chocolate shakes, pizza, steak, pasta. One double whopper sandwhich with mayo and cheese is about 1000 cals. It should he easier than you think to get in a calorie surplus. If you're hung up on putting on fat get over that thinking right now. As POB sais, it's a lot easier to take off fat then put on muscle. Just some thoughts.

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    Yep. Fast food is cheap and calorie dense. You'll gain weight fast. I blew up like a blowfish on that shit lol.
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    All the above plus get some good blood work done to make sure nothing is awry there.

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