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    Quote Originally Posted by notsoswoleCPA View Post
    I think I saw a bumper sticker that once read: Some people exist ONLY because it is illegal to kill them

    Truer words have never been written down and stuck to a car!
    Lol. That's very true

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    Quote Originally Posted by PillarofBalance View Post
    You are upset because beating people up isn't ok? The **** is wrong with you animals lol
    Some people deserve a slap!

    You should be allowed to slap/backhand someone for their shit. Beating someone to a bloody plup... no, no. And that's my opinion.

    Being a shit disturbor should have repercussions.

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    The key is to talk shit back in a more effective and humiliating manner. If you're good at it, it can be every bit as satisfying as beating someone's head in. I recommend studying the posts of BB for pointers on this matter.

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    thought this was going to be a thread about condoms

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    Quote Originally Posted by snake View Post
    I'll try to make this brief as possible:

    My brother paid some guy 10k down to put in a pool, said it covered his material cost. Contract signed in June. Guy did show up, always an excuse. Nov. comes around and no pool, too late to install in our area with the cold. My brother now is suing the guy for his 10k back. Probably will cost him 5k in attorney fees and court costs.

    My brother asked the cop when he looked into this, "Hey if I walked up to this guy on the street and took 10k of his money, what would happen? Cop said we'd probably have to lock you up. To which my brother replied, "Well that's what this guy did and he's still walking around"

    People only that justice into their own hands when the judicial system has failed them.
    That’s the crappy thing with business deals they can basically steal your money and it’ll be chalked up as a civil issue rather than a criminal issue because there was some type of agreement where you gave him the money
    but then they screw you over so gotta file in civil court to attempt to get your money back
    but of course if it was flipped where the guy installed the pool but customer didn’t pay or paid too little could be theft of service depending on the state. Ya our judicial system is flawed but it could be a lot worse

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