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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan69 View Post
    at least you learned your lesson, it happens. It’s happened to me. When I was on ology a member who was actually very active on the board reached out to me with an offer for some gear and I took the bate sent him $500 and he emailed me back after he got the funds “hey bro I scammed you sorry” and never sent the stuff. I guess it was nice he let me know so I didn’t sit there waiting for the package. But there are some dirt bags out there. Just be patient and don’t rush to find a source do your research. Take this as a learning expirience and don’t beat yourself up just be more careful. Again sorry this happened to you. UG is a good place and I feel like we don’t get many scammers on here and if they are action gets taken against them. Your on a good board where the members and mods have your back
    I was taken by a Mod when I first started, trying to get some Var. Pharm brands were hard to get but were, at times, available. Set him funds, we BS'd back and forth a few days when he finally told me I was scammed and not to post anything about it. Of course I immediately started a long thread detailing the events and timeline. Within 10 mins of my post showing up it was deleted and I rcvd an e-mail from him telling me that he told me not to post. So now what do I do? Went back on the original Var thread and PM'd everyone who had responded. Board owner contacted me asking for details which I again wrote. Thing is, how did I know that it wasn't the owner involved somehow (although if it was I'm sure I would have just been banned right then)? Still remember the prick's name who burned me 16 yrs ago. Anyway, short story long, Var guy wasn't around after a few days (probably just signed back on under a different handle) and I was Pm'd by 2 guys telling me I saved them funds as they were about to place an order for the same stuff. Lesson learned and it had never again happened to me, knock wood.


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    Being scammed is a little like touching a hot stove ... of course our mom warned us ... but we just didn't listen ... after a hand was burned it becomes a life long lesson ... most of us know web sites are not a place to order our gear ... but most of us have tried anyway and learned the hard way ... and never do it again ..
    HRT for life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PillarofBalance View Post
    Sorry to hear you were taken.

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