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    Personally, the first thing I’ll notice is sock dents, and I’ll throw in 0.5 Adex 2x/week to get it in check. But like the guys have already said above, wait for bloods at this point...introducing an AI at this point will just interfere with your ability to see where 500mg test puts your E levels

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    Honestly even if my levels are high I do not address it unless I have symptoms or it’s affecting me My estrogen just came back at 100 but my test was 3000 in my expirience and I could be wrong it is very hard to keep your estrogen within range when your test gets that high without using a crazy amount of AI’s which on their own will cause nasty side effects. my estrogen always comes down on it’s own but I blast and cruise so you’ll need to address your estrogen accordingly during your PCT. But I have over treated my estrogen before and it created more issue than the high estrogen itself so just be careful and pay attention to your body

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    Quote Originally Posted by snake View Post
    My recommendation would be 0.5mg of Anastrozole once a week on 500 mg of Test. Run blood work at 4 weeks in and adjust up or down.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trump View Post
    Even 2 weeks away from blood test snake when he already into his cycle and no sides??
    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    At this point itís better to test without taking any ai as the e2 might still be fluctuating before he gets bloods pulled if her were to start adex now. Imo.

    Generally I agree with Snake but I recommend .5 2x/wk with adex.
    At this point, yeah blood work should be done. What I was saying and may not have been clear on is my recommendation is more for the start of a cycle. Either way, doing it now or starting your cycle without an AI, I personally feel you're chasing your tail. My guess is he needs one and 0.5 at the get-go is easy to adjust up or even cut out. If somethings out, it should be close enough to tweak.

    Most guys who have been on more then a few times I bet can guess their AI needs close and only confirm with blood work.
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