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    Got a new split going.
    Monday: Legs(primarily quads)
    Tuesday: Chest / Tri
    Wednesday: Back / Bi
    Thursday: Legs (hamstrings)
    Friday: Chest / Shoulders

    Calories are still at 3800, weight isnt really moving up as far as i can tell. I did gain that initial 2-3 lbs but that is likely water from the increased amount of carbs. Going to keep the 3800 but increase my protein intake and see how that is for another month.

    To work on that illusive upper-chest shelf I've dropped the amount of weight and started doing unilateral DB or cable exercises like fly's presses while putting my off-hand on the pec I am focusing on contracting. Seems to help so far.
    Yea genetics are great; but have you ever heard of a work ethic?

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    Like the new split.

    I was going to suggest legs/push(chest)/pull/legs/push(shoulders/upperchest)

    I would go ahead and add another 400 calories divided between carbs and protein.

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