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    Former NFL Near Kidney Failure

    I'm assuming he's at stage 4. next stage is failure/death.

    He has been suspended
    3 times for failed drug tests. The guy also got busted twice in college for selling drugs.

    I hate that the NFL doesn't specify which drugs, because guys get the same punishment for Marijuana and steroids.

    We all know here that basically all NFL players use steroids. Do you think this guy was using extreme dosages [abusing], or may have been doing other Narcotics as well? maybe drinking a bottle a day alongside
    16 week oral cycles.

    was he a dumbass doing a huge cocktail of drugs for a long amount of time? did he use steroids moderately and was just unfortunate?

    Only he and his doctors will probably know, but what do you guys think?

    We all talk about liver protection, but the liver can heal itself. I've heard of stories about bodybuilders spending the rest of their life on dialysis because of kidney damage. Look out for your BUN/Creatinine levels.

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    Most likely a combination of factors but many people have kidney disease unrelated to lifestyle. It's more common among people of African descent. Couldve just been untreated high blood pressure.

    Flex Wheeler's kidney disease had nothing to do with bodybuilding. Just shit genetics. Happens all the time

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    I wouldnt go blame AAS for this... Probably pain killers by the fist full & genetic predisposition would be more likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DF View Post
    I wouldnt go blame AAS for this... Probably pain killers by the fist full & genetic predisposition would be more likely.
    This is worth a seconding.
    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

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    He's 28 years old. I don't think this has anything to do with PEDs or painkillers taken while playing football, or even rec drugs - the guy was suspended for taking adderall, which tons of guys take in college and NFL for an edge on the field. Again, he's 28 yrs old. He could be a bona fide junky and it most likely wouldn't wreck him like this unless he OD'd and died. I think this is just down right shit luck of genetics. Athletes in general don't take enough shit to become the next Dallas McCarver. They have to get around testing and don't want to be muscle bound freaks anyways. They take shit to be better athletes and recover enough to stay on the field. A pro bodybuilder wouldn't stand a chance running around on an NFL field anymore then an NFL player would have a chance standing on the Mr Olympia stage. It's not the same type of drug use or goals.

    Poor guy. Shitty story. Hope he gets a transplant.
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    Hopefully the NFL takes care of their own and hires him to do something.

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    Hard to say what exactly caused the failure.....genetics,a combo of bad choices,or in many cases ....just the card he drew.......One thing I have had to come to terms with,,life is a constant rain of good with the bad,,,and if you accept the good,,accept the bad equally...................

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