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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat827 View Post
    I’ll give u that

    But he needs real help, when I’ve taken a low low AI dose long term I never got much numbers wise with blood tests.

    I never taken hcg mono for a boost

    He is in line for clomid or just cruising

    Ok. Here are things that I’d consider real help to combat low t.

    1mg adex daily
    2000 iu hcg 3x/wk
    50mg Clomid daily

    These are are some options that could work to treat his low t. I don’t know what you mean by hcg for a boost, but I was on hcg monotherapy at the given dose for 9 months and felt much better than on Clomid.

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    Just an update guys, I've started on 50mg clomid every other day (prescribed by my doctor) for 60 days. I had blood tests done this morning so I can compare before and after.

    I have a question: if the clomid works in restarting my natural T production, will I need to stay on it for life? Or is 30x50mg pills over 2 months enough to restart my natural t levels without needing further supplementation (considering I might have shut down natural T levels 4 years ago?)
    Hopefully this works a bit like PCT, in that after a while I don't need to keep supplementing. But I want to prepare for the worst-case and realistic scenarios,

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    It’s a restart. Meaning it’ll kick start your production then you will be back to functioning on your own.

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