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Thread: New Routine

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    New Routine

    So I started this routine and I really like it as a change up. I'm as big as I want to be and because I still participate in some very amateur athletics I didn't want to get to big and carry too much weight. So I kind of shifted to more endurance though I have still been gaining size.

    I'll go with bench press as the lift for an example. So all of the bigger lifts like your standard bench press I started doing a 6,6,6, burnout. 6 reps is an arbitrary number, I just figured it was enough to get blood flowing and prep my chest and secondary muscles but not enough to wear me out.

    I was using the 6 reps as more of a primer to get ready for the burn out and it was easier to get more reps on the back end by adding weight each set getting used to the increased weight. I started off with 135 on the first 6 and then would add around 20lbs each time until I got to 225.

    After about 6-8 weeks (I wasn't keeping track to begin with) I went from getting about 8 reps of 225 until I got 18. My goal at first was as soon as I got over 10 reps of 225 to add more weight. Then I got intrigued with how much of 225 I could do so I just kept going. Needless to say I was worn out after 18. I'm now at 265 for 11 reps and have hit a plateau.

    I don't know if its time to switch it up again but I want to break through. Anyone ever tried anything like this?
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    There is a lot of variables at play here. Here are some to consider

    1. Do you bench properly? For real it's usually about technique.

    2. Are you going maximal effort too often?

    3. Is intensity high enough?

    4. Are you sick, tired, stressed, sleeping etc...

    5. What assistance lifts are you doing to help support a higher bench?
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    265 for 11 is pretty damn good
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    You're in a happy place for it seems like anything you do is going to work. I'd say keep doing what you're doing until you can't. The gains my slow up but that's normal. Give or take, you're a 350 max bencher and you don't get there by accident. Dance with the girl you came with.
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