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If you're concerned about carbs during workout just get a supplement like Intra-Formance. Its doesn't take many carbs to boost perceived energy levels and I'd much rather take in 18g throughout my workout than anything else.

I think nutrient timing, in general, has been pretty much documented as useless for most people. Supplement companies still push it because it's how they get sales and the "science" behind it theoretically makes sense whe the companies pick and choose what they want to put out there. I workout first thing in the morning after meal 1 which only has 10g of carbs. I sip 2 scoops of intra-formance while working out as my sessions are about 90 minutes long. So by the time I finish my workout I've had a grand total of approx 46g carbs. That's it and I feel like a ****ing beast. People tend to vastly overestimate how many carbs it takes to "create" energy for working out.
It sure did sound like broscience to me. The best thing I did thus far was investing in a food scale and weighing nearly everything that I put into my mouth.

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The Isagenix shake comment made me laugh. Yeah I went down that road with my wife too. It's good advertising to the less knowledgeable.
I can't believe she fell for that MLM BS because one of her friends was pimping it. She did the diet for ONE week then gave up, yet ordered about four months of stuff. I don't get it...

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You seem to be progressing just fine so I personally wouldn't change a thing. Regardless:

I'm just going to keep at it until what I am doing stops working. Then I will change it, unless I hit the fat loss target that I wanted to hit.

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Fasted lifting was a one and done for me. I can do hours of cardio that way but lifting dont work
Due to my hectic schedule this week, I actually worked out legs first thing in the morning. I was able to lift about 80% of what I can usually lift and struggled to complete that workout. Unfortunately, 4 AM was the only time that I had to get it done and I woke up at 3:55 AM that day and headed over to the gym. Screw working out with weights in a fasted state.