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    Originally Posted by Unchosen-one View Post
    Depends but the average is 2300 calories.
    I've been on it for a month now and it's my own custom one right now where I grill my meat and have it with steam veggies and sometimes Brown rice that's for supper. During the day I have a fruit and water for snack. Have something light for lunch and something small but high in energy for breakfast and plenty of water.
    Thats not really saying much, honestly. But judging by that're on 3 meals a day?

    Originally Posted by Unchosen-one View Post
    I'm not trying to replace one fat burner for another. What I'm taking about is shakes and all that when you going to the gym. Can I carry on taking those.
    Again, calling fat burners not sure is the best input. Just seems like you're going about losing fat and weight without some really important things happening. Shakes are each to their own, some people want them around the gym and others dont for various reasons depending on their needs.

    All things being said...It still seems that DNP is not really a good idea at the moment for you. There seems to be a lot of aspects that are missing and you're jumping to DNP immediately. You said you have been on your current meal plan for a month now, that is not very long at all. You need to really ride out that and dial yourself in before thinking about DNP.

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