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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel View Post
    My Bad guys ...I'll take the hit on this one...Blame it on the new Guy,,,However,,,I don't get out much and I haven't had anyone to tell me to "**** off" except my GF in some time...It was kind of refreshing...
    repped for taking it and bein positive brother

    edit: cock, ballz, so on and so fourth

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    I’m 24, I blast and “cruise” at a dosage of 250mg test.... that being said I also get my bloodwork done quarterly, I weigh 275lbs and I compete in open bodybuilding and I don’t plan on stopping. I made that life long commitment. Bodybuilding is my lifestyle and it will be until I am physically unable to. Unless you are seeing a doctor regularly, and you’re competing in open bodybuilding and have grown to your natural potential, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re just trying to look good and be strong, there is no need for it. If you are trying to get a pro card and make this your life, and you fully realize the risks, go for it.

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