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Thread: NPP vs deca

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    Hell maybe I will just do test and oral cycles for the rest of my life. I know how my body reacts with test and dbol pretty well, I just hope I can continue to see gains using those two compounds.

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    Gosh idk man. Running orals long term isn’t gonna be the best idea. I think you’d be better off either replacing the orals most of the time or lowering them and substituting low dose injectable compounds. For example, if I was running 500 test and 40 dbol I would cut the dbol out after a while and replace it with let’s say 300 mg of Deca or just increase my test. I love orals, but I’m the long run it’s just not the best IMO. Yeah you will continue to see gains with test and dbol but you’ll probably have to keep increasing the amounts. You can run test fairly high and can minimize the harmful sides but Dbol is hard to handle under high doses in my opinion. I’ve been experimenting with low dose Dbol (10-25mg ED) for a while and I’ve noticed amazing results. No bloat, little to no water, but still full and strong. Not as much as I would with 40 or 50mg, but enough to see noticeable change with little to no sides. Hope this helps

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