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    Sick of kai shit, i could care less if he competes... he plays to many head games, acts like everything needs to stop for him or that because hes not involved in the show there isnt any competition.. fk out of here.
    Eating ass is anabolic. .. Stick your tongue in and hold it there for 20 seconds! Wise words from

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    I respect Kai because of all he has overcome in his life. I like him infinitely more than Phil Heath.

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    anyone else get triggered when Kai is asked a simple question and then goes on some nonsensical rant trying to sound so smart and philosophical, rarely answering the question at hand? Bro, just answer the question...
    And his whole "teasing" whether or not he'll return to compete each year is so lame, all it does is blow his head up more and more. I for one do not care for his physique whatsoever.
    Also, this isn't breaking news, he met with the new guy in charge of the Olympia months ago and was offered the invite, Dave Palumbo just recently interviewed that guy in which they spoke about it.

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    The Olympia as a whole is a giant political event. The winner is chosen by the highest endorsement/bidder. I don't and haven't followed the Olympia in years.

    Its about as accurate in its athlete rankings as the supplement ads and diet programs in Muscular Development mag.

    As far as Kai, he is just a weird mofo. I don't think that he earned a spot there unless it is at a booth, personally but hey, all he needs is a sponsor to endorse him and BAM...hes in the Olympia.
    "Don't count the days, make the days count" ~Muhammad Ali~

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