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Thread: Dissolving

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuiceTrain View Post
    So you heat the oil before mixing?

    with or w/o beans
    I did not heat the oil before mixing, no. But I would slowly add and let the temp come up.
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    with the tren, youll notice the moisture.

    same as POB... slowly warm up the temp and swirl get it all mixed together. sounds like your vials may have some that were fully mixed and some that just simply didnt hold but you have a higher mg/ml than normal

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    Finally got my crashed vials to hold,
    (Thanks to this forum of course)

    Seen a recent thread about crystallization and heating using the oven vs using boiling water.

    So I preheated my oven to 250 and placed vial in for close to 20mins unventilated. I make 20ml vials for my personal use and these things were completely solidified.

    I have 2 half vials that have held for 2 complete days and 1 full vial that has held for 1 entire day. No clouds, no crystals just pure silky goodness.

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