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Thread: Train everyday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ275 View Post
    If one were to train everyday, there definitely would have to be a drop in daily volume to avoid issues.

    If you were doing 20 sets per day 4x per week for a total of 80 weekly sets, I wouldn't try to do 20 sets per day, everyday, for a total of 140 weekly sets. That's a 75% increase.

    In this example, maybe if volume was dropped to 11 daily sets for a total of 77 weekly sets, it could work. Then build up from there if tolerated.

    I'd still err on taking at least one day off per week though.
    Good point. I forgot about volume being increased with training 7x/week.

    To add, I don't understand why people need more than 15 sets for 1 body part.

    Then again, if a person experimented and found out 15 sets isn't enough to grow/get stronger, I can't argue with doing ~20 sets.

    Also, I think a person should first experiment with keeping the same volume for every day training. If it doesn't work, then lower the volume.
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    I would watch out for signs of overtraining. Your body will tell you when it has had enough. There are a few ways to tell if you are recovering. I’ll open myself up to getting ripped here but I have been told that your resting heart rate when you wake up on the morning should be 20% lower than it is at bed time if your heart rate does not reduce it is an indicator of over training
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    The better question is whether it’s worth it or not. I’d imagine it comes down to intensity.

    I could train seven days a weak at high or low volume as long as I regulated the intensity to match my overall fatigue levels.

    I think Mentzer and Dante would argue “why do something I’m 7 days you could do in 4?”
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    for strength size & stamina gains take a couple days off a week

    in a recomp/cut cycle where those gains werent that important to me

    3 months straight cardio everyday worked well for what I was shooting for

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    5 days a week is good enough, no matter what u think u need rest

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