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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly911 View Post
    Duly noted.
    Much better listening to Dr Oz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j2048b View Post
    My cholesterol is usually a constant 277 total w 177 being ldl and hdl between 40-60 this past test, havent tested in 1 year total cholesterol was 249, ldl of 177 and hdl of 53, eating nothing but what ever ive wanted to except a few month here and there, doc wants me on a statin, i said no give me 6 months, but whats weird is it went high circa 2006 and never had an issue before that, need to get an nmr profile done and hopefully my cholesterol is floating and cloudy and not dense
    Do you recall what your numbers were prior to 2006? If i remember correctly it was early-mid 2000's when they changed the windows on cholesterol numbers which shifted a lot of people that were "normal" into the "high" category.

    For cholesterol numbers, I was amazed at what supplementing with higher dose inj polyenylphosphatidylcholine did for me.

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    Calcification of the arteries is the true enemy. Check out Vitamin K-2 and the Rotterdam Study on K-2. You'll be shocked.

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