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    bare knuckle fighting is tonite

    artem lobov vs pauli malignaggi ...I fukkin love a good fight lets go The goat Lobov!!

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    I have yet to watch but I heard its brutal, what channel does it come on?
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    I believe it's on PPV. Also, Artem Lobov is an absolute animal.

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    Pauli was an interesting character as a Boxer, known as a skillful dancing master with a feathery punch. He was able to get a world title @ 140, he moved up to 147, and I forget if he eeked out another title before he got swamped strength-wise or not. Has had a good run calling fights on tv, where his heavy Brooklyn accent helps sell him to audiences, much like Teddy Atlas, Tyson's 1st trainer who is now a highly visible expert-for-hire on tv and online.

    Pauli's skilled will-o-the-wisp style took him pretty far in Boxing before opponents who were just as skilled AND a whole lot stronger nudged him aside. Hard to imagine he will get too far in bare-knuckle or any version of MMA unless the opponent is a clumsy oaf.

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    Video likely won't last long.

    Enjoy, Lads.

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