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    Thinking of signing up for another meet

    My last meet was late February in a rather unheard of association called APA/WPA. I chose this association because it was smaller and figured itíd help me dip my toes in a little further without embarrassing myself. Totaled at 1220 weighing 190lbs. Thinking about buying a USAPL membership and attending an event within the next 4 months. Anyone with prior experience with this association and any basic tips regarding whether I should up my total before I go for round two. My total has went up to 1285 in the gym but Iím also about 8lbs heavier.

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    If you’re natty and want to lift in the usapl then go for it

    The whole “bring your total up” thing is garbage. Bring your total up in local meets. You’ll know when it’s going up when you start qualifying for regional meets.
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    Your current weight would put in the 93kg (205lb) weight class right? So don't worry about the extra 8 lbs you put on. I don't recall when they made the switch with the new weights but I still like the old classes.

    I think the USAPL was the ADFPA at one time but you'll have to fact check that one. Still together they have been around for a long time and for the most part, is constant with the way the meet is called. If you want to compete in a "Drug Tested" meet, this is a good Fed to go with. Just remember that Drug Tested is not Drug Free or lifetime natty so don't get hung up on some other lifters numbers.

    If you enjoy competing there's no reason to not do it. How did your first meet go?
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    It you natty, USAPL is a good option. The USPA also runs drug-tested divisions now too and a solid choice. IMHO, the usapl has too many dumbshit rules ie:cannot lift your head off bench, have to have your feet flat on bench and a weighins the morning of the meet(not a 24 hour weighin like the USPA). There is a pro and con to all the feds, pick on that is well represented in your region and doesn't nick/pick the shit out of its lifters...
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