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    Quote Originally Posted by notsoswoleCPA View Post
    400 is the lowest I ever ran in conjunction with another compound, like nandrolone or equipoise. When I run test solo, I tended to run it at 500 mg per week. Now that I am older, I tend to run test at 300 to 500 mg during cycles because if I go any higher, I start to experience blood pressure issues.

    I do have a test/tren cycle planned for the latter part of the year, and I plan to just keep my testosterone at my TRT dose while adding in Tren so that both aren't competing for the androgen receptors. I've seen research saying to run higher test, or keep test low while on tren and have friends who ran it both ways thinking their way was the best way. In that regard, I figure the only I am going to know is if I try it myself.
    Coolman thanks for the info on your experiences. I definitely aint running any compounds other than testosterone my first run, wanna do this a step at a time and see how my body reacts to exactly what

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibsonator View Post
    no need to keep digging, I'm sure 99% of the experienced users on this board will tell ya 500 or bust. ultimately it is your choice, I'll bet you will be wishing you chose 500 tho if you don't...
    This is what i keep reading on this forum. 500 mg or your wasting your time...thanks for input bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleG View Post
    Ok so the title is pretty self explanatory but let me go a little deeper.I am a NEWBIE so feel free to educate me because this is part of my research. I have been reading a lot, looking at these forums and watching a TON of videos on PEDs. One of the people i have been watching are Dylan Gemelli vids and he mentions a complete PCT should include

    3)Ostarine (MK-2866)
    4)Cardarine (GW-501516)
    5) hisbrand of organ protector

    He goes on to mention many consider his PCT to be way over the top and super safe and annoying. It is OK with me because i want to be over the top super safe with this...

    so my question is how readily available are these products. Can i just get them or do i have to FIND them as well. I want to get all the things for the post cycle therapy before i even think about getting the juice. baby steps.

    Also for my first cycle i just plan to do about 300mg for 12 weeks if that helps any. (not planning to cycle anytime soon as im researching still)

    feel free to light me up guys if i violated any codes i am a newbie.
    No no no, only 1 and 2! No suppressive sarms during PCT, you really don't need an AI either, and the organ protector is bullshit

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    garbage research pct is easy to get but the good pharma stuff the actually works aint so easy

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