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    Cant help the blind, roid test doesnt use the same science as the testing used by law enforcement out in the field. Next your going to tell me your cat can tell the difference between Test Prop and Tren A.....

    How would u even have a clue how others make gear for sale to the public? If u think this is basic u really have no clue.....

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    Hey King, i think its more based on the test mentioned. I get that its an option if you're worried but its not very recognized for various reasons. Its simply not consistent. I can 100% vouch for this... I had ordered a couple test kits when I looked into it... I had a vial of Rx Test C, powders of Test C, and a trusted lab. (accumulation)... I had several kits (8 to be exact as i wanted to test something else). I tested all 3 of the vials - the Rx came back as fake, the powder came back as real and the other came back as fake. I decided to test them all again as I had also read that they arent reliable- well, lets test it out since the kits are cheap. Well the Rx came back as fake, the powder came back as real and the other came back as real. So, as you can see - the variance on that is pretty odd. The easiest way for you to realllllly know is just cook it up, filter it, if it looks good, pin it. no issues, keep pinning it and get labs back to see what levels you're at.

    And PS: I tested a TrenAce vial and came back as real and fake.

    Not busting balls here, just be careful with the test kits unless its just for the heck to get a sense. The lab work will be your tried and true

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