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    primo dosages for men and women.

    I will give my take on dosages and hopefully others will chime in also! espcially with those with different ideas on tyhe dosage, what i say is my opinion from using primo 10 or more cycles. My wife was a big primo fan also and had 6 runs under her belt.

    imo a male should run primo at no less than 800mg for a min of 18 weeks..if you can go longer, even better! if you have the cash and availability of a genuine primo product, go a full gram of primo per week and thank me later

    for women that 100mg per week was the sweet spot! crazy changes after weeks 10-12 . a female should also run primo longer 18 weeks or so.

    for women it is not necessary to stack it but for men i advise at least some test and gh if that is an option for you.

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    Re: primo dosages for men and women.

    I'll see your 18 and raise you to 20! LOL...20 sweet spot!
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    Re: primo dosages for men and women.

    Hmmm, my 1st run is planned for 14 weeks at 75mgs, but it's my firstrun. I have plenty on hand to run it much longer. We shall see how I feel come week 12.....may extend it out just depends on sides/results, etc.
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    Re: primo dosages for men and women.

    Hmmm Might have to check my first run with primo here in this current cycle, I do have A LOT just must have read my mind Zeek!!! Hope your healing up well by the way buddy.

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