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    Macro Tracking, Fat Loss

    Ive been training for about 2 years now. 1 year with absolute consistency.
    I started meal prepping, tracking about 3 months ago and I'm still having a trouble loosing fat.

    Thyroid was a problem. Started off with 25 MCG of Levothyroxine, now I'm up to 50.

    My goal diet is 30% Carb, 30% Fat, 40% Protein.

    Realistically is 33% Carb, 26% Fat, 41% Protein.

    Clocking in at about 194-216 G Carb, 67-95 G Fat, 238-287G Protein.

    Thats a 2100 Calorie Day.

    Im 5'6", right now hovering around 200 lbs.

    Any info, tips, suggestions?

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    Measure/track stats and adjust accordingly while working with your doctor to adjust your Levo dose if necessary.

    Seems you know what you're doing, this stuff just takes time.
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    Add cardio?

    Switch diet up
    Well, to be fair...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miami305 View Post

    Clocking in at about 194-216 G Carb, 67-95 G Fat, 238-287G Protein.

    Thats a 2100 Calorie Day.

    Any info, tips, suggestions?
    Check your math. That total calorie ranges from 2,330 on the low end; high end is 2,870. Hell, check my math too! lol I'm also assuming you are accounting for every cal. Tighten that up and see where you're at.

    I also think your protein is way too high. Not to start yet another protein debate but if you keep the same cals, shift more into your carbs. 200 grams of protein should be just fine for you. Dial in and if you're still stuck in a month, hit me up. I have a few basic tricks of the trade once you have learned the trade itself.

    Oh and don't get to hung up on the %'s.
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