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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post

    I know what im asking my mom for for Christmas this year
    Trenema? 10char
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    The wife and I just went to the store yesterday and for a week or so spent $400, and I just spent another $150 on supps. We'll do the groceries again next Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBubba View Post
    How does fresh moose taste? I have only had moose jerky. I would assume something like venison but gamier??
    I would say it in between elk and buffalo, leaning more toward buffalo. No gamey taste to it that we can find. It is excellent table-fare. The wife should draw hers in the next 3 years or so(fingers crossed). We'll be looking for more moose meat by then..
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    $350 a week, family of 4

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