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    Quote Originally Posted by Long View Post
    My urea nitrogen was 29 they said that was high
    My creatine levels were normal
    My EGFR was 59.8

    That puts me just under normal on kidney function. They are saying it was my volume of creatine. I was eating one or two decent sized steaks a day and a teaspoon of creatine as well, and my levels were normal so I'm skeptical.
    Creatine breaks down to creatinine, which is what's tested for. If you worked out the day of the test, or even the day before, your levels can be elevated. Strenuous exercise and muscle breakdown causes this. I already went through this with my Dr before, she had no idea.

    But your levels were fine, so it sounds like they are just guessing at this point.

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    Try adding aloe vera juice, some studys show it helps with protien absorption in digestive tract.

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