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    Lets Argue: Low Test / High Tren > High Test / Low Tren: Change My Mind

    Lets debate this old chestnut.

    Who has run low Test / high Tren and what were the pros & cons for ye?

    Who has run high Test / low Tren and similarly how did ye react?

    I'm in the former camp, primarily due to less Trensomnia and reduced night sweats. 100-200 Test / 400-600 Tren.

    Talk amongst yerselves.
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    I usually run them equal 400/400, until I want to dry out toward the end of a cycle then 200 test. I have run 600/test 400 tren before and didn't notice anything different from the tren, just hold more water.

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    I've ran both
    200mg test with 400+mg tren
    Actually had more sides. Acne, reflux, insomnia, no appetite. Stayed lean, but never felt right overall

    1gram test with 600mg tren
    Best overall feeling. No sides other than reflux. No trensomnia. Melatonin conquers it for me.

    High test for me from here on out

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    Since I never ran Tren before, I'm considering keeping my testosterone at the TRT dose and running tren higher, for a newbie. I have blood pressure concerns if running test too high along with 19 NOR compounds because I had it increase a bit with 400 test and 400 deca.

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    I responded better to high test/ low tren. Best I felt was 1g test/ 300 tren. Not insomnia or crazy night sweats. Strength and overall feeling was great.
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    I prefer the low test ~250mg and higher tren ~300-600mg

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    I always ran it kinda equal

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    I run trt on all cycles.

    Cruise on 450 test.

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    how I dosed my tren with test was always dependent on what my goals were at the time. For the most part, when dieting to a low bf %, I always dosed my tren higher than my test, which was always tren Ace. The couple times I used tren when I wasn't dieting ( cutting) I dosed my tren and test equally the same. once with Parabolan and the other couple times with tren E
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    I've ran 600 test, 400 tren and had great gains, but that combo had a lot of sides. I thought I was going to die walking up a flight of stairs.

    300 test, 300 tren was great. Cut up real nice while even improving muscle quality and size. Virtually no sides. But I seem to get emotional sides around week 8-10 no matter what dose of tren.

    400 test and 100 mg of tren was nice too (although not my fav). Felt pretty normal, but believe it or not, I had noticable muscle improvements and bf improvements even at that small dose.

    300 test, 300 tren, (and 300 mast) was my favorite.

    I'm going to try to pick up some Tren No Ester to pin with my TNE preworkout in my next blast. Probably will run 50 mg TNE, 25-50 mg Tren NE daily with that blast and 200-300 mg test cyp weekly. Want to see what dosage of tren I can handle with no ester attached...
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    Believe it or not,,,about 15 years ago,,I ran 100mg Tren-E a week with a EQ mix at 300mg/wk with 50mg of Dbol a day.............Stongest ever ,,never been more cut...soon to repeat if I'm able.................note-benched incline at 315 for 4 reps shreaded at 177lbs................

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    Currently running 600 test 400 tren e
    Tame your inner bitch!

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