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    2019 Mr Olympia: Complete & Final List Of Qualified Competitors

    2019 Mr. Olympia – Men’s Open Competitors-Qualification

    • William Bonac (Netherlands) –Came 4th Place at 2018 Olympia
    • Maxx Charles (USA)- 2018 Romania Pro Winner
    • Hadi Choopan (Iran)- 2019 Vancouver Pro Winner
    • Brandon Curry (USA)- 5th Place 2018 Olympia/2019 Arnold Classic Champion
    • Nathan De Asha (UK)- 2019 British Grand Prix Winner
    • Jonathan DeLaRosa (USA)- 2019 Puerto Rico Winner
    • Clarence De Vis (Belgium)- 2018 George Farah Classic Winner
    • Phil Heath (USA)- Former Mr. Olympia/2nd Place 2018 Olympia
    • Dexter Jackson (USA)- Former Mr. Olympia/2019 Tampa Pro Winner
    • Steve Kuclo (USA)- 2019 Indy Pro Winner
    • Josh Lenartowicz (Australia)- 2019 Big Man Weekend Winner
    • Michael Lockett (USA)-2019 Chicago Pro Winner
    • Patrick Moore (USA)- 2019 Golden State Winner
    • Juan Morel (USA)- 2019 Arnold South America Winner
    • Lukas Osladil (Czech Republic)- 2019 Season Points Leader
    • Luke Sandoe (UK)- 2019 Season Points – 2nd Place
    • Mohamed Shaaban (Egypt)- 2019 Portugal Pro Winner
    • Akim Williams (USA)- 2019 Season Points – 3rd Place
    • Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)-3rd Place 2018 Olympia
    • Shawn Rhoden (USA)-2018 Mr Olympia winner

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    I dont see Craig Titus on that list
    Everything heals with semen- Rise 2018

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    Shawn rhoden gives me hope I can win the Olympia one day
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    Nobody here in this bodybuilding forumn actually cares about bodybuilding, minus a handful.
    I appreciate the post tho.
    I would love to see Steve Kuclo place better this year, he is so overlooked imo, he's a top 6 guy for sure.
    I would like to see something like this for the top 7;
    1. Roelly Winklaar
    2. Akim Williams
    3. Luke Sandoe
    4. Brandon Curry
    5. Steve Kuclo
    6. William Bonac
    7. Nathan De Asha
    assuming they all come in thier best shape/conditioned
    Roelly is overdue, Akim has so much potential if he comes in diced, Luke is a beast, Brandon very Aesthetic, Kuclo also but bigger and i think he is a close tie for 4th, Bonac is a monster but I'm not a fan of his physique at all and Nathan i think is very Aesthetic.
    i believe josh Lenortowitz has dropped out btw.
    idk wtf will happen if Hadi Chopa makes it and decides to compete in open, he is pretty insane. If Phil shows up he will be placed top 3 no matter how he looks and unfortunately for Sean Rhoden i don't think they would give him better than 4th if he is allowed to compete.

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    Roelly is amazing and he’d be a great ambassador for the community.

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    Cedric was given invitation to Olympia.

    1st Brandon Curry

    Bonac ar Winklaar fighting for that 2nd and 3rd
    4th Dexter

    I'd love if Dexter would win this btw... ,I routing for him. If he will win it any year than this is this one.
    StayHumble - StayHungry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyingdragon View Post
    I dont see Craig Titus on that list
    Best answer ever
    Size is the prize and swole is the goal

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    Well we all know de asha wont be attending cause he will be in jail for his most recent steroid issues

    Shawn flexitron all bout the win
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    Roelly is amazing and he’d be a great ambassador for the community.
    Roelly is fookin' massive. If he nails his conditioning, he's going to be tough to beat. Good pick to win it.

    "So make ya move and plead the Fifth cuz' ya can't plead the First..."
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    everyone has curry as the top threat, deservedly, and if the judges continue with chosing a more aesthetic guy with a smaller more narrow waist and sean ain't there i can see it happening.
    i will be super pumped tho if roelly comes in with his conditioning on point and takes the title.
    J2048b i don't think that case will come in the way of him competing, he hasn't been charged yet with anything, from my understanding there is an ongoing trial with the owners of the gym and the outcome of that will decide how they prosecute Nathan. I'm betting he'll walk away with a fine and a slap on the wrist.

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    2020 be my year
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    This is Curry and Roelly's year. Love both of their physique, but if Brandon comes in shape he will win IMO. Roelly is fuking massive, but thats not what body building is all about.

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