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Thread: squat help ?

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    squat help ?

    hi looking for some advice or a link to help with my squatting , ive been lifting for about 8 years never been a power lifter or bodybuilder just enjoyed lifting.

    ive found myself not being able to squat heavy infact when it comes to squats i could lift more about as a beginner then i can now ,

    im 27 years old bit of background is i have a weakness in my back (lowerback) because i have scoliosis i stopped squatting and dead lifting couple of year back as they both left me in agony ? through time i was able to get back into deadlifts as long as i keep the reps really low usually 3 reps or below , when it comes to deadlifts i can not do them for t month or so and still manage 440lbs pritty easy , most ive done is 496lbs. and as for bench my max ever is 340lbs, but for some reason im just really weak at squats .

    when i was a beginner at squats i got upto about 330lbs within 6 months then i had the back problems etc now im trying to manage the reps low and build up strength but im lucky if i can manage 310lbs and dont get why considering im reasonably strong at most my lifts.

    i squat with a wide stance with my toes pointing out , i always squat to depth as almost touching the floor not sure why but it feels easier the lower i go , i also usually do a slight pause at bottom because when i try and spring down than back up my hips always give way.

    im 5ft 6
    bench is at .308
    usually people are able to squat alot heavier then they can bench so obviously i need to change things up , would appreciate advice or links

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    If you are able, try and post a video of you squatting. That is always more helpful then a description. How it feels to you may look very different on video..
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    What Tiny said. Lets have a look at ye.
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