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Fly Eagles fly!

Rooting for Vrabel and the Titans the rest of the way. If Pats are out, I have to root for the former Pat. Vrabel is going to be the next great coach. He used Bellichick-like clock tricks against Bellichick. He had an great game plan, and Derrick Henry is just an absolute horse. 6-3, 240 and fast. His bad runs were getting 4 yards. Nobody is making a solo tackle against him. I don't see anybody - including the Pats if they were still in it - getting by Baltimore this year in the AFC. They are the real deal and most complete team.

The Pats with Bellichick/Brady have been to 9 Super Bowls in 20 years, and won 6 of them. The greatest dynasty in the history of football. But not even Tom Brady can stop time. It was a great run, but it's all but over now.
Yeah they just ran out of ways of cheating now that they've been caught a couple times.