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    My experiences with Cerberus

    Let me start by saying I do not know them prior to, nor did they know me before this sale.

    Let me start by saying it was a struggle chosing a product, belt style and company. After a lot of research I came down to one of the newer style triple ply velcro belts or a single prong 4" leather belt.

    I ended up landing on Cerberus because of the triple ply belt they had. I ended up going a different route but that is besides the point.

    I called these guys on labor day in the afternoon. When they say open all the time and they answer the phone they aren't exaggerating.

    I called. They answered. No upselling, no bullshit. Helped me out, gave it to me straight up and politely. Old school business customer service.

    I ended up having some funds held up so I contacted them to let them know my order would be delayed. An order I asked for special shipping on. No problem whatsoever. Polite, helpful and even offered to extend a discount! (Holiday weekend % I did not take it)

    After I did make my purchase I recieved conformation emails, shipping details and even a personal email from them thanking me for my purchase.

    I recieved my items on time, In a timely manner and in tip top condition.

    The manufacturing of the belt and straps seems very good. Stitching and all looks great. The sizing is perfect.

    I'll check back in after I do some deadlifts but as far as the company goes, a breath of fresh air.

    Again, old school customer service. That is what wins my business.

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    Banged out a few set of deadlifts and shrugs. The straps I used on the shrugs. Helped me get sets of 21 with a heavy for me weight.

    The belt was great. Its exactly what I needed for deadlifts. It's a lot more solid than my old belt. So far so good!

    The only "down side" would be speed and ease of removal and putting it on. But I am going from velcro to single prong and the benefits are worth the extra second or two.
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    Their figure 8 straps are fantastic and can take a beating...Mine still look brand new.
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