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    Tren and progesterone ruined my cycle ? Pics

    I was on a test e 500mg/wk cycle. 9 weeks in, I was feeling great looking great, everything was good but I had gained a bit of fat so I decided to add Tren A 50mg/ed for 6-8 weeks to help shred some of the fat off before I came off so I wouldnít have to worry about cutting post PCT since I only run a cycle a year. This was my first time running tren and oh boy did things **** up. I bailed on week 5 this Tuesday because of the horrible acne but I WAS not getting leaner at all on tren, if anything I MIGHT have leaned out a bit Halfway through, just to start bloating again 24/7. Itís nkt even like I was eating a lot, I was eating a lot less if anything because it killed my appetite.
    Did bloodwork, e2 was good at 23 but progesterone was really high. Itís been like 4 days since I got off the tren and not only have I lost the tren look already ( the strength is still there) I look dyel, natty, flat, bloated and fat. Turns out my caber was fake so I recently started taking p5p b6 300mg ed to try and lower the progesterone.
    Iím honeztly really confused because my weight froze at 228 for the whole 5 weeks on tren (went from 205-228) in 10 weeks. Yes my dumbass didnít do much cardio, if any. I decided to run the test for another 2 weeks, making it 16 weeks since tren shuts down test production hard but honestly I feel like shit right now just because it feels like I failed my cycle completely.

    side note: I was so ****ing big early on tren too. Was filling xxl shirts so easily, people wouldnít stop complementing my shoulders

    Any advice or idea on what to do from here ?
    honestly it feels like Iíll just have to maintain for 1-2 months after pct and then cut back down to 10-12% next April 2020 or something.

    Back pic was during early tren. Rest of the pics are yesterday and today....

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    caber and prami are the only two drugs i know that lower progesterone..Tren wont automatically make u ripped you still need to do cardio and eat right..Its also not a feel good drug almost everyone will look great but feel crappy on tren..Im in the middle ill love it for the first 10 weeks then ill feel toxic

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    Tren doesn' shed, burn, or remove in any manner fat. A calorie deficit does. Tren will help hold muscle while losing fat, but so will every other AAS.

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