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    Now that I read.

    Id toss all that shit in the garbage and get a reliable source.
    Size is the prize and swole is the goal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris73 View Post
    no I am not way over my head. I do have kwowledge of both what i'm doing and buying but none of us know everything. I JUST NEEDED HELP WITH WHAT I WASNT SURE OF. And my post deserved a decent relative answer just as much as anyone elses. Stop complaining.
    Lmao there was no direction in your text. There was only one definitive question. You stumbled over your words and went every which way. I barely understood what you were saying. But I would do what they said and throw the trash you bought in the trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris73 View Post
    I ordered test and some sarms from a good source couple years ago. went to order this year and a couple of her links were gone so i was told she no longer worked there they could help me... I ordered a little bit of almost everything. Now when i chose one of the two shipping methods they mention, he then said not so safe...i still went with it.
    Package got seized. I asked if they reship i heard they will do this. He didnt want to at first then says he will ship half, so i payed to have the other half shipped....guess what?

    the injectables seem fine test prop test enanthate Deca And NPP. but all orals SO FAR seem fake. I made Dianabol it was clear liquid worked fine with brewing but no Dbol effects at all....tried to make GW501516 it acted different, i have brewed it before, it cakes at the bottom it absorbed the liquid alcohol it seems....I thought it was a form of baking soda.
    the Anadrol im trying now stays milky white then settles at bottom and gives me a headache with an hour of taking plus its acting as though you ate a hot pepper when you swallow it...its not the alcohol in it doing this.

    I have a light brown powder they labeled as clomid but its not and they wont take any blame for anything.

    I did get a letter from customs weeks later and they listed everything i bought as real in their tests...but get this...
    Customs came up with trenbolone acetate, boldenone undecylenate, and i think test cypionate. I never ordered those I ordered Clomid, Ostarine, and GW501516.

    NOW THE REST OF MY ORDER, Test Prop and Enanthate, NPP, Deca, Anavar, Anadrol, Winstrol, Dianabol. they came back also on the list from customs.
    So I was going to get the real stuff. But was i getting sarms and clomid or Tren and EQ instead.
    Anybody know what the light brown powder is and what powders might not solubolize in liquid. I have no idea if i took tren as an liquid oral or what.
    Gave you some help here....

    Please remember.....lot of guys read all this on their phone...

    No one is going to be able to make out all that on an i fone now days

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    Throw it all away. You are gonna make a mistake that could potentially land you in the hospital, don't be stupid

    "You wouldn't know Gains if it was giving you a rim job". -Pillar of balance

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    Thanks for the help finally.
    I will be sure to throw the oral powders away.
    I already used the injectables. They were good.
    I think the source got upset cause they tried to tell me the shipping method i chose was "not too safe" and i interpret that as "still safe" but less so, and they might have meant not safe at all. It got seized and I asked them to resend at which point they said I told you so. I pressed them a bit and they paid half and I paid half. so the half of the order that was free was junk....the TEST PROP, ENANTHATE, and Nandrolone was real....Although the Nandrolone could have been Testosterone for all I know.

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