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Thread: How much eq

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSgator View Post
    I love EQ and I’ve ran it dozens of times. IMO the minimum amount should be 600mg a wk and it should be ran for 16 weeks or longer. I honestly don’t start to see EQ start it’s magic till around 6 to 8 weeks it take forever to kick in it has a very long ester.

    600mg of 16wks, than it will still linger around another 2wks.

    you will want to donate blood at least twice during the 16wks

    TUCDA and liver52....IMHO

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    And i think i read donate blood every 5 weeks while on eq?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulldogger View Post
    And i think i read donate blood every 5 weeks while on eq?
    Donate as often as you can. It's good for your overall health and my save the life of another. Over the years, I'm over 3 gallons of blood. Good chance someone life got better with those donations.
    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

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    You should plan your cycles based on your goals. Not with what you have on hand. I have stuff that has been sitting because I am not ready for that particular AAS. Its hard to figure out your cycle history. Seems to be one of your first couple, so I would keep it simple. Starters is usually just test, this is done to see how your body reacts to one substance. Next is usually test/deca, for the same reason. (and usually for bulking) After that, some throw in an oral for the first 4/5 weeks, then moves up.

    I would plan a 12-14 week cycle, purchase what I needed, and make sure I have an AI on hand and all my PCT. No offense but right now it appears that you are all over the place. Keep in mind that AAS will be pointless if your diet and training are crap.

    You have been given some good advice so far. Keep learning my friend.

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