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    You need to up your game if your only burning 150 cals per workout, I get through that many having a wank. My fitbit said

    Quote Originally Posted by snake View Post
    Here's where people get lost in the details. A calorie is just a form of measuring energy. It takes energy to move something so weightlifting does burn calories. Let's not forget for a muscular man, he probably needs about 200 cals for his extra muscle tissue to just exist but that's another topic. Just to ballpark some numbers; I would say in a hour workout, you burn about 150 calories, a far cry from running 4 miles in the same hour that would get you about 600 cals burned.

    So lets do some math. You workout for an hr. (150 cals) and then run 4 miles (600 cals) that's 750 cals burned, great right?. You still have not depleted the glycogen storage of approximately 2,000 calories that is stored in your muscles and liver. Now I'm not 100% sure on this but I don't think you tap into your fat reserve until most of the glycogen is gone.

    I have often observed long distance runners "Hitting the wall". (IMO) This is the point where the body is switching over from the carbs burned to the fats being burned. And when does this happen to marathon runners? At the 20-22 mile mark in their run. Now you'll burn more then a 140 lb Kenyan but you probably won't be able to go half that distance so you'll never see the switch over.

    Weight loss is simple; calories in and calories out. I find it's not really as important to tap into your fat reserve using cardio as much as it is to 'Starve" it from being renewed. But hey, I could be wrong!
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    I find the talk about how far into a workout you needa go to deplete glycogen before you hit fat interesting . But for simple person just cal deficit and a exercise program should do the trick. I found that towarda last few months of my cut i was in ketosis often. I wasnt even doing 70% fat, my cals and macros were 1108 cals, 180 protein, 16 carbs, 36 fat. thats how I got to single digit bf%. Workouts were shit. I was in ketosis because my mouth tasted like metal and my pee smelled like cinnamon toast crunch . But i was on gear and gh, also taking 2 different preworkouts at 1 time b4 every workout and doing 2 hours 20 mins of cardio a day lol wtf. Sorry what was this topic about? And why tf did i put myself through that?

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