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    Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    You can cycle on a daily 100mg/125mg (depending if it’s crystal or not) DNP?
    What results and sides do you get?
    Sure you can - if you don't expect the "lose a pound a day" insane fat loss. If you are eating in a slight deficit and taking 100 mg/day you will get steady and consistent results.

    People on here are quoting a 10% increase in metabolism for every 100 mg in your system, and I am not positive this is scientifically valid but it is probably the best we have. Using that number and 100 mg/day would yield peak levels around 300 mg in theory, and bottom levels of 200 mg. So, say an average 25% increase in metabolism from an average level near 250 mg.

    If you have a TDEE of 2200 calories a day, this would give you an increase of 550 calories/day which is equivelant to spending 40-60 minutes on a treadmill at a moderate pace.

    Of course, if you were to throw in what would normally be 500 calories in exercise, you would burn 625 calories instead as well.

    So, for the person with a normal TDEE of 2200, taking 100 mg a day, and eating 1700 calories a day, they will lose about 2 pounds or so a week in theory.

    I am new here, but I notice a lot of logs in this section are started and have 2-3 posts and then they are done. I think a lot of people jump in too quickly here. The heat from 400-500 mg is brutal and will have you feeling fine in a t-shirt outside in January. Waking up, literally, in a puddle of your own sweat is probably the least fun you can have in bed.

    If you can't put up with the torture of an hour on a treadmill, why put yourself through that? haha.

    Even at 100 mg, after a week or 10 days you will be toasty warm and have hot flashes that come and go.

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    I have run numerous cycles and still try different protocols. Currently I am going to do something like 4 or 5 days with 300 mg, rest 2 days and run 225 mg for another 3 or 4 days, rest one day and end up with 2 more days with 225 mg. Now it's winter and it's cold, once you use DNP in winter, it feels good and you don't want to be cold. Lol

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    Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    You can cycle on a daily 100mg/125mg (depending if it’s crystal or not) DNP?
    What results and sides do you get?
    I've tried big doses and low doses. My preference is for 200-250mg/day for 2-3wks at a shake and then a week or two off. You'll get a metabolic rebound as the DNP leaves your system. The water will come off and you'll see the results. Then go in for another round if you desire.

    I've read of guys taking large doses and eating like shit and still losing weight, and while that can work its less than ideal as you're maximizing the sides and relying on the DNP to do the work while having a sloppy diet. Sides won't be as pronounced with the lower dosing as you're using the DNP to help you do the work instead of relying on it to do the work for you. Focus on the fundamentals and use the supps to compliment everything else.

    This has become my philosophy after my earlier years of trying everything I could get my hands on in varying doses and combos. The old guys at the time were of the "less is more" attitude and I've come around to that same mindset (perhaps I'm just an old guy now). Like anything else, if abused, you'll run into problems but the fear around this substance is overblown IMO.
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    If you’re going to use DNP, I’d recommend you do a low dose cycle of only 100-200mg per day. Also keep your carb intake low as this will help prevent side effects such as excessive heat and night sweats.

    I did a low dose DNP cycle a few months ago. I logged it over at TID. Overall I lost about 16 pounds in 3 weeks. Once the DNP kicked in, I was averaging nearly a pound a day of fat-loss. Besides low DNP usage, I feel my low carb diet and moderate cardio helped propel me to cut weight this rapidly. I believe DNP is a good tool in one’s arsenal as long as you respect it with low dose usage.

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