Currently running test cyp e5d at 250mg(TRT). Anastrozole 1mg and HCG the day after test pin. Coming to the end of a 10 week anavar run at 75mg a day. Very interested in Masteron for it's anti estrogen and SHBG manipulating properties. How long should I wait to start the masteron after ending the var? Would M/W/F pins at say 200mg be a good starting point or too high a dose for never using this compound. I know many embrace the "less is more" ideaology. Also how many weeks would you advise to use mast safely.
Not sure if weight is a factor in determining dosage but I am 40yrs old and currently 235lbs at 5'9. The var has been incredible with both aiding in fat loss and giving me an over all hard feel and look. My biceps feel like they are carved in marble and the first time I have seen my abs in years. LOL! Starting my Rips in July and switching over to TRT 285(test u). Would like some advice on how to add masteron to my protocol safely. Hope some of you TRT guys can share your experience or warn me away if that's the case. Thanks in advance. Oh and potential hair loss not an issue for me. Mother nature has already had her way with my hair line.