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    If you are a real boy, I'd be willing to place a guess at what might be wrong... That's what you are wanting, right? Us to guess what might be wrong with you...? I bet you have some very minor impingement due to fascia knotting up in your rotators (most likely teres major/minor area), and that is causing nerve issues down your arms. Grab a foam roller and roll your rotators out and then use a tennis ball or lacrosse ball to go deeper if needed. And for fukks sake, stretch a little.
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    Ok! Thanks!

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    Originally Posted by TerribleAdvice View Post

    mostly hamburger helper, skim milk and v8 juice
    You are eating enough salt to put down a herd of cattle and I can't take anyone who doesn't drink whole milk seriously.

    You probably are having heart issues because that is a horrible diet.
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    When are you taking the creatine? Pre workout? If I don't use that stuff for awhile. When I'm back on it I get the tingles.

    Originally Posted by Maintenance Man View Post
    If aids patients get drol and GH, I'd say "hardgainers" need pot.

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