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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibsonator View Post
    what if he sand bagged it and took only 1/2 the prescribed amount so that when he got bloods his levels were still low and then the doc would in turn prescribe him an even heftier dose........
    My guess is his Doc is already a conservative dude scripting 130 mg/wk so if I'm right, coming in at 400 TT will be just fine for this Dr. Anything lower and the Doc will know he didn't take the full amount or skipped a dose. Sandbaggin' works best with a Dr. who is okay with a 900 TT and scrips 200mg right out of the gate.

    Tough call.
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    There is more than one way to do it, the guys have mentioned them all.
    Draw out of the last weeks bottle till it’s empty is the best option I see. That way you don’t risk contamination. Just one open bottle at a time, if you turn the bottle upside down and just barely push the pin through, you can pretty much get every drop, then before you insert the pin in the new vial, just pull the right amount of air in first. Push the pin in and push the air into the new vial while its upside down then continue to draw till you get to the amount you’re after. .65 is what you said I believe.
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    Ok so quick question, thanks for all the responses.

    My blood draw is on Dec. 2nd. This last Monday I did 200mg again so this gives me 2.5 weeks before he checks my blood.

    How much about (just an educated guess) will my levels drop if I skip the pin 1 week before? will it be obviously way too low? or what if I pin a really small amount like 50mg?

    or is it a better idea to pin 130mg for the next 2 Mondays? He said the day of the blood draw don't inject until after.

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