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    Anabolic Steroid Use Anonymous Survey

    Whatís up guys, Iím a senior in college doing a capstone research project on steroid use. This is just an anonymous survey asking 8 very basic questions & if you experienced any side effects from use. All of the responses are completely anonymous and this is done just to get insight from actual past/current users. The link is posted below & any comments to this thread on steroid experience is helpful and welcomed as well. Thanks!

    !!!!!!!Since my account is new I canít currently post the link but I will try to have it up soon, here are the questions posted below, any comments would be super helpful!!

    Have you ever used any form of anabolic androgen is steroids?

    What method of administration?

    How long did you use?

    If any, what systems were adversely affected by steroid use? (Cardiovascular, renal (kidney), hepatic (liver), reproductive, psychologically/behavioral, appearance)

    Did you take more than what is considered a therapeutic dose?

    Did you receive any medical advice regarding administration from a physician or medical professional?

    Did you receive anabolic steroids off of the interment?

    Do you feel that the popular opinion of the adverse effects of steroids are over exaggerated?

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    What college?

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