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Thread: Mk-677

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    I'm concidering it but also looking at YK-11.................

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    I've used it and at one of my labs, my TSH was elevated. The next lab it was back in line, so whether that was due to MK677 or not I can't say definitively. That was the only time I had a skewed lab result while I was using it.

    As for the results, at 20mg/day it gave me insane appetite, I slept better, recovered faster, but carried a LOT of water. For me, I think 10mg/day is the sweet spot.

    For someone lean that's looking to bulk up a bit or get past an injury I can see it being helpful. For someone that's a little higher BF% and looking to use it to lean out I would imagine the bloat from it would be too much. Bloat for me was way worse than DNP runs I'd done before.

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    i had some a long time ago, could not convince myself to try it...threw it out...not sure how the water weight would effect me having sleep apnea etc...and honestly what are we actually buying??? is it mk??? or is it some other peptide ??? i always err on the side of caution,

    now the reason as to why ive considered it and or gh (as if u use both u can save cash id suppose) the main reason id consider gh or mk (if it were legit) is because i suffer from hypoglycemia and low blood my thinking is and was, use mk and or gh to help raise and stabaliz ethe blood sugar issues? maybe im dumb dunno, maybe im not thinking this correctly??
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    ive been running it now for a month and a half I noticed severe thirst and knock out sleep from day one. I really didn't notice the feeling of well being and fat loss till about a month in my bf has dropped almost a percent and my diet is s***. it doesn't make me a lot hungrier like I was told but there are some good you tube videos from people who have ran it and drs. explaining it. I don't know about the lab work but from everything I've watched and read the side effects are almost nil. idk what the other member was talking about risk to reward but in my opinion its worth trying...but that's just me I'm not suggesting it. everyone's body is different and respond to things do your research and go from there there are two very good.... there is a ton of info just look up mk-677 reviews. it was a no brainer for me esp sice ive always wanted to try gh

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