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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    My gym requires we wear shoes while squatting. You’re a lucky guy.
    i miss bare feet
    Well, to be fair...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    My gym requires we wear shoes while squatting. Youíre a lucky guy.
    Thatís the thing about having a home gym; wife makes the rules

    Fight against something and you focus on the thing you hate. Fight for something and you focus on the thing you love. - Simon Sinek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    My gym requires we wear shoes while squatting. Youíre a lucky guy.
    I saw my spelling error after the fact. Oops

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSwolePump View Post
    You are officially a Lunk. Congratulations and welcome to the club.
    I too am a member of said lunk club! I have a membership there because its cheap as hell and when i travel which is a lot, there is a location i can get a workout in..
    Poptarts are muscle food!

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    You'd be proud of me because last week I almost told someone something but chose to walk away because I didn't need to use any of the equipment they were blocking off...

    Now for the back story, the landmine in my gym is wedged between the tree rack and the wall for a reason, so that it doesn't move. This New Year's resolution workout genius decides to move the landmine to the isle, effectively blocking off access to two racks and three machines and is complaining because the landmine keeps sliding on the carpet. Had I wanted to use a rack, I would have verbally crucified this idiot, but instead I just headed over to the dumbbells to perform my shoulder workout in peace.

    In retrospect, that deserved at least a Snapchat or Instagram share...

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    different perspective here for a minute...
    finally got my younger brother to the gym yesterday, he's 29, really out of shape.
    my wife and I were squatting, I had my son who's 16 work out with him since he's at the point where he knows what he's doing, plus thought it would be cool for him to do that, also I was squatting like I said and I prefer to be left alone to focus.
    I check on my brother a few times, low and behold my son is actually bench pressing more than him, he has to take weights off the bar for his set lol.
    dude is 29 years old, 235lbs, benching 95x5. Wild.
    I was proud of him for coming, and hope he gets into it. my point is it made me take a better step back to not only just say " oh hey well at least x person is in here trying, gotta start somewhere" but actually really mean it 100.
    maybe on another day if I was waiting for a bench I wouldve looked at him with frustration like damn dude gtfo of my way or, fukk man both my 16 year old son and 120lb wife bench more than you wtf.
    I still hate everyone in the gym dont get me wrong I'm just trying to be more patient and such.
    aka; the roc

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    Wore the same hat for a month while on DNP. I was sweating so much, it stunk like wood preserver. But, no one came near me! Then, the whites of my eyes started turning yellow

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    Had a setback this last week and couldn't get anywhere muchless the gym...............But I want to share this moment I spent with a woman in the Hot Tub...She was about 98lbs or less,,real skinny and hairless(not by choice)..........As I talked she could tell I knew a little more than the next guy about C and she started to smile a little I think she even laughed at 1 of my jokes about Dr.s.........She was tired,weak and NEARLY broken......but she was there,fighting...My girl cried later and I said don't you ever cry for her,,,,that's the last thing she would,I would want from anyone..!! My girl has seen her a coulpe times since that encounter,,She stamped a mental picture in my head and when that last rep is a bitch,when I'm tired,,when I can't get that last drop out of my viens..................I remember that smile and I'm a better person for spending a moment with her...NO for her spending it with me,,,

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    Well said and we’ll done Gabriel! Keep on the fight brother!

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