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  • continue to take the kid to school as usual

    7 41.18%
  • make lazy asses get up while I chill out on my day off

    2 11.76%
  • start banging the step mom as punishment to all the inconsiderate parties involved

    9 52.94%
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    cast your votes & weigh in your 2 cents please

    Quick run down, step kids 12 & 15 are here Thursday night through Monday morning

    mom picks up the 15 year old from high school Thursdays at 4pm they then go pick up the 12 year old at dads house

    Mondays roll around I get up take the 16 year old kid to school at 8am the 12 year old gets picked up at between 1030 & noon

    (the 12 year old is half ass home school at the dad & step moms house, they are both really lazy hippy's)

    the dad lost his job several months ago & is now living on the step moms paycheck

    Got me thinking this morning when I got up all grouchy because this is not my type of schedule (I'm a late riser)

    why in the fuk am I the one taking the kid to school ?

    So the lazy ass hippy dad & the lazy ass no school 12 year old can sleep in, wtf ?

    but then I think if I act up then my girl will think I'm lazy (that's how she thinks)

    I like the kids & am teaching the high schooler weight lifting & how not to be a fag

    but damn if it doesn't feel like I'm picking up the slack for some lazy asses

    cast your votes please

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    That’s just dad work. It pays off one day i hear . Lazy is the worst,and I’m not talking bratt haha. If your half as cool as you are on the board those boys will look back in ten years and think John is twice the man of my Dad and come to you for everything and ditch the crazy lazy. Sounds like your a good man not a sucker brother.

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    Search your feelings Wizard:

    Hate laziness.
    Chose sleeping in over being there for your kids.

    Choose one

    You shall know the truth and the truth will make you odd.

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    Am I the only one that saw third option?

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    That’s called being a parent step kids or not, when you took up your lady you took up her children as well. I have 2 step daughters and I do everything they see there dad once a month for a weekend. I have no complaints about the situation

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    As long as they appreciate it John. Hopefully they do. Believe me, wheather they show it or not, they know who’s there for them. Their young so they don’t always express it, but they’ll get it. So as long as you love the lady it will be worth the extra effort. Good luck my friend!

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    Be an example for everything they need to see in a father figure. Teach the boys to grow a beard too.

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    You're doing what you do for the KIDS, not the other parents. Switch your perception to that, you're a good dude.

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    Cut through all the details and B.S.

    I will give you the same advice I give my own offspring. "Doing the right thing is not always easy but it is always the right thing" Another one that applies; "If it's important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse."
    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

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    A big part of being a man is picking up the slack from all the f#uck boys out there. These kids will be better off seeing you do these things compared to doing what the quarter assed dad is doing.

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    Make that dad do some fathering.

    If you continue to do it, you'll essentially be the person at work that gets ran over simply because they'll work hard. The dad will continue to be the person that ****s off at work because the manager doesn't have time to correct bad behavior and he knows he can get you to do it.

    Don't make emotional decisions. Appealing to your sense of loyalty to the kids is not the way to think of this. The real lesson that you'll teach those kids is that fatherhood is important and you have to do shit. What they are learning now is that fathers don't do shit and their slack gets picked up by Mom's boyfriend, neighbor, co-worker, friends, parents, etc.
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    Everyone said some great things. Comebackkid nailed it.

    Snake has made the point about calling his kids “young men”. I think you showing them the way is an extension of his ideas. F everyone else... hep make two kids become men.
    (and make the wife bang the stepmom so you don’t get in trouble)
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