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    Originally Posted by CohibaRobusto View Post
    Well, I do those compound lifts, and honestly nothing makes me sweat more in the gym than doing squats and deadlifts one after the other.

    But if you notice on my leg days, I always do accesory work as well. One of my trainers used to preach to do the compound lifts first, and then the accessory stuff after which he liked to call the "window dressing."

    And for me, I want to get better at squats and deadlifts. I want better form, and I want to move more weight, and the only way I'll get there is through practice.

    We have a couple of guys at my gym that are badass at squats. I get jealous watching them perfect form, moving decent weight...GOALS

    Maybe one of these days!
    Oh yeah they are some of the best lifts that exist. It's funny. When I started I loved deadlifts and dreaded squats. Now I am kind of opposite. So I'm planning to alternate the regular squats and deadlifts with variations that will hopefully produce better results. So I combined the lifts from that article with John Meadows lifts. Will see what happens I guess. My landmine comes Monday.
    Will work for test.

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    201 lbs this morning. 3200 calories yesterday

    Hammer strength shoulder press
    160x12, 10, 11,

    db side lateral raise 30'sx13, 9, 8, 6

    cable front lateral raise 17.5x12, 14x12, 11, 10

    db shrugs 85's x 12, 12, 10, 9, 9

    Did an abridged shoulder workout today because my 4 day routine got condensed with no rest days and some muscle groups already covered. Had kickboxing last night with my son. I'm gonna enjoy the 2-3 day rest coming up and being in the outdoors for a change.

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    great work man

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