Hey Guys,

Currently in my TRT protocol Ive got two hCG injections a week along with my test. I know everyone has different opinions on its use.

My question is if anyone has got any good tips or tricks on traveling with their meds? Mostly for the reason of refrigeration after the mixing of the hCG.

The travel will be to and from in a car. Discretion is preferred. Wonít have access to a fridge. I imagine diabetics have got to have some kind of travel case for the syringes but havenít checked yet.

I have two trips that are each a week long.

One Iím volunteering for camp counselor. Iím sure you all can imagine trying to explain to little Timmyís Mom ďKarenĒ that itís TRT and not heroin Iím injecting into my dick vein. Even though thatíd probably be the only thing that would get me high enough to bang her fat ass.

Second is just a camping trip.

Iíve weighed the pros and cons and considered just skipping the week. The problem, other than throwing my body out of rhythm, is this kind of thing will happen again. Trip/Vacation

Any tips and tricks you guys have picked up over the years Iíd appreciate. Unless someone wants to slay the dragon and bang ďKarenĒ so I can take my test in peace. That works to.