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hey fellas, I am 59 y/o, 5'8 '', 210#, stopped lifting for about 10 years, started back about 3 years ago, made good progress for about 6 months, then the gains just came to a halt, but haven't given up. I have really enjoyed reading the forums. I was diagnosed several years back with low t and used the gel for a while but quit due to how nasty it was and didn't notice any difference, been through 4 doctors who won't prescribe trt because its "just natural aging". started my own trt recently (125mg test-e and 100mg masteron) going to get blood work in about 2 months and see what the doc says.

so my question is, I am considering adding deca at 200mgs/wk for 6 weeks on, 6 off, 6 on, since I am using masteron do I need any pct and do I need to add something like arimedex at 0.5mgs daily?
Welcome, there's alot of good information here,I agree with everyone, focus on diet & test