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Thread: My Life Rant

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    My Life Rant

    You ever have one of those weeks? Well **** it one of those months? I learned a few years ago the secret to life is how you deal with the trials that come at you. Do you wine about it? Let it get you down? Take it out on loved ones? The old me said yes to all of this and throw in some drug/alc abuse . I don't normally rant but man I have had one of those months and I would like to share it and release it

    So my old ways were to cry poor me, get angry at the situation, do nothing to change it and by doing this I have learned that it just invites new shitty situations , its like asking for more. Instead I have learned to look for the opportunity in the challenge to exploit the good and invite the positivity out of the negative situation. then release the bad and focus on the positive.

    So just to name a few of the trials I have been going through this month and my positive spins I have put on them. I will start with work. Monday my boss calls me in she is completely ignorant no degree straight pos but she is the boss and she is having a bad day so I will soon to be also so she thinks. She got a email from one of my assigned areas director that said that the area had run out of product over the weekend. My job is to make sure that does not happen. I work in a high volume area how ever it depends on the census of patients being treated . Long story short the weekend crew ****ed up but I fell on the sword b/c I don't point fingers how ever she was in a really shitty mood and tried to move my shift to over nights ****ing bitch! I cant work overnight b/c my fiance does she knows that but she was dead ass serious so I had to throw weekend shift under the bus. She called in the girls that worked that weekend continued to tell them how good of a job they do and how shitty and lazy I was. I ate it she gave me a "this is your last chance warning" and sent me on my way. I thought I would never leave this dept. that's how much I love my job but I cant risk staying I have two kids so I got on my grind called in all the favors I could until one took I am transferring depts. Got a 5% pay bump no weekends or holidays ever and pretty much the same schedule that will never change b/c its the only shift. Best part is I get to rub it in that bitches face and I get a exit interview with HR where they want me to tell them how shitty she is, I wont I don't burn bridges anymore, once upon a time she gave me a shot when I needed it I owe her that but that's it were even.

    On to the treadmill . This one is really ****ing trying my patience I so wanted to mope today and not work out take the low road and ****ing cuss someone out. Some may know that I broke my old treadmill last week it was 2 years old but it served me well. I went on the cheap and bought one used a really nice one so I thought. I have been running on it for a week now paid 5bills for it , it was not used much pretty much new. So yesterday I blew a breaker while running and it seemed like it was wining a bit so I called a repair guy just to come oil up everything tighten the belt and what not 110 loot for a tune up but well worth it if it will extend the life of my baby I love running on a treadmill. He was not here five mins when he told me the deck was shot. **** MOTHER ****ER REALLY? I just put mass duckits out for this BITCH and its shot. O buddy did I want to flip but no I asked him to figure out what its gonna take to fix it and moved to the next step (burning the bitches house down that sold it to me) J/K I called her though and told her how much it was going to cost to fix it if she couldn't produce some doc. that said it was purchased in warranty she said she would look for the docs and we would work something out if she could not produce so I guess that's cool but mean while I am out a treadmill until the parts come in probably a week or 2. Positive challenge- I need to run outside get my game up I want to crush a 5k by the time the mill is up and running. I have been avoiding running outside since high school its time to get it in ! Moral of the stories is its all about how you handle the situation, come at it with a cool head find the positive and life will work out in your favor every time

    There I feel much better all the negativity is out of me and btw I crushed a shoulder work out and got about 2 road miles in. thanks for reading my rant
    Enjoy Your Ride!

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    Re: My Life Rant

    You know I do not hide the fact that I am a certified therapist. I work with people frequently to convince them that our feeling are actually a choice. Everything we feel, the kind of day we have, our perception, is a choice. Sometimes we forfeit that choice a boss or a treadmill, but it is still choice. That is not to say that if right now you walked up to me and punched me in the face, it would not be extremely difficult to NOT get mad, but when I step back, it is truly a choice. You have recognized that Grizz, and I for one am happy that you have continued to grow as we all should through our trials and tribulation.

    Now with all that said, lets go kill a bitch!! Naa j.k. my friend!

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